A large part of learning is finding the right resources and presentation to make learning enjoyable. After all, learning isn’t always about trying to obtain the best possible grades, sometimes learning for the sake of learning can be genuinely enjoyable, and that’s as noble pursuit as any. Luckily,  there’s plenty of great YouTube channels to help out.
Introducing Kurzgesagt: Blending well-researched, scientifically backed answers with eye-catching animations to feed your curiosity and engage your brain with, detailed explanations of some of life’s most pondered questions. So if you wanted to know how the immune system works, why are bees dyeing out or what exactly is a black hole, take a look. Their concise explanations might just change the way you look at the world.

Another great channel worth checking out is CPG Grey. Where Kurzgesgagt focuses on science and engineering, CGP grey is more broad; covering politics, history and psychology. Ever wanted to understand what the EU actually is? Well there’s a video for that too.

The another channel worth a mention is Vsauce. This channel is the broadest of all, covering strange little titbits that’ll make you think about things you’ve never considered. Vsauce might not be the king when it comes to straight classroom learning, but the questions asked and the answers provided will make you take a step back and rethink what you think you know.

There are of course other great channels out there: Khan Academy has created over 2000 instructional videos; Ted talks provide insights into the stories of great individuals; and lastly Derek Muller – the man behind Veritasium –  for example has set an example in not just creating great videos, but got us talking about how to create great videos.

The World Wide Web is an incredible resource, but that’s not the point. The point is to recognise that if we are active in our pursuits of fun learning we can uncover treasures of unlimited information, presented to us in a variety of different formats. Videos are just a small part of that, and YouTube channels are just a small part of that. Get searching, you never know what you’ll find.